Manuel Sosa



Yaddo Fellowship: Jane Adams Wait Residency (2014)
John S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (2011)
Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship (2009)
MacDowell Colony Fellowship (2009, unfulfilled)                                                          
Yaddo Fellowship (2011, 2004, 2003)
Yaddo Fellowship: White Flowers Fellowship for Composers (2007)                                  
Meet The Composer / Van Lier Fellowship (2002)             C.V. Starr / The Juilliard School Fellowship (1996-1998)  


Academic Affiliations:

The Juilliard School – Pre-College Division (Composition)
The Curtis Institute of Music – Musical Studies (Solfège)
Fordham University – Art History & Music Department (History)


Caracas, Venezuela: wood violin bright natural light cement theory of music legos soccer solfège salsa drawing my siblings baseball gardening Beethoven vibrancy of nature the cuatro then US, New York: a different dynamism within the same immense piece of land four seasons and music composition, The Juilliard School [bm, mm, dma] incisive teachers: Albert, Beaser, Diamond, other inspiring teachers:  Castaldo, Cox, Druckman, González, Kim, Saylor one caring mentor: Jacques-Louis Monod, music written for and performed by extraordinary ensembles in this and other lands and blessed by the opportunity of collaborating with embracing and inspiring artists: poets, painters, dancers, musicians, actors and scholarly articles about art and music in South America presented in Europe and America and published in specialized journals and day by day work as a composer combined with vitalizing teaching